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LeBron James Makes Interesting Lakers Revelation


The Los Angeles Lakers are shutdown but LeBron James is trying to give the fans some hope.

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has been going through the exact same quarantine as everyone else. It’s no fun yet here we are. It’s something that everyone has to go through right now as cities all across North America continue to shut down in preparation for what is to come. Hopefully, we are able to flatten the curve and beat this virus, once and for all. Lakers players know this is important and LeBron, in particular, is trying to keep fans entertained during this trying time.

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Last night, LeBron went on IG live and fielded questions from fans. At one point, LeBron was asked if there was any team in the league he would never play for. LeBron went on to give a diplomatic answer noting that he is still in the league and must keep his options open. However, LeBron did tell the fans that he wants to be a Laker until he retires.

The Lakers star has made statements like that in the past, particularly in relation to the Cleveland Cavaliers and we all know how that worked out. Despite this, Los Angeles is the perfect place for LeBron at this point in his career and the city affords him numerous financial opportunities that go way beyond basketball.

Only time will tell whether or not he actually follows through on this promise.