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Lil Baby Asked For DaBaby’s Help With This


Lil Baby asked DaBaby to write the treatment for one of his music videos, realizing that the rapper’s charisma and creativity could help him.

With a brand new No. 1 album in his bag, Lil Baby is on top of the world and you wouldn’t necessarily expect him to be asking for help from other artists. Wouldn’t it be the other way around? I can only imagine how crowded the Atlanta rapper’s direct messages are with clout-hungry creatives trying to get on through his co-sign. Still, Lil Baby recognizes that he doesn’t have all the tools to succeed. His blow-up did not happen overnight and, while much of it happened due to his own vision, he received help on several fronts. One man who gave him some pointers was North Carolina rapper DaBaby.

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Lil Baby DaBaby
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Much of DaBaby’s rise occurred because of how charismatic he is. He’s just so likeable and, in his music videos, he gives off a care-free, happy-go-lucky vibe that keeps fans gravitating more toward his personality. That’s something that Lil Baby thought he could use some help on, so he went to the man himself to get some tips.

“I hit him like, bro, turn me on to your video folks. For real, I done asked him to write the treatment for me for one of my videos cause I’m seeing that that’ll help me. I ain’t no hater at all,” said Lil Baby about DaBaby on Everyday Struggle. “I ain’t ashamed to be like, ‘turn me onto them folk.’ I ain’t tryna steal no n***a’s swag or nothing, like, it’s enough money for all of us.”

Likewise, if anybody needs specific pointers from Lil Baby, he says he’s not opposed to handing out game. Shout-out to one of the realest out right now. Watch below at the 24:30 mark.