Lil Durk Keeps The Streak Alive With “On Your Mind”

Lil Durk Keeps The Streak Alive With

The new soundtrack to Judas And The Black Messiah truly has something for everyone. Boasting new music from Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle, Nas, J.I.D, Rakim, and many more, is it really surprising to see a new track from Lil Durk in the mix? After all, the Chicago rapper is in the midst of a meteoric ascent, having become one of hip-hop’s biggest names following the release of his new The Voice album and its subsequent Deluxe variant.

Now, he’s back again with a new cut called “On Your Mind,” an expectedly emotional reflection on his circumstances. It’s part of what makes Durk such a compelling narrator, lending credibility to his status as “The Voice.” On that note, “On Your Mind” captures the complexities of the rapper’s psyche, as he struggles to balance the two worlds he inhabits. “I made this before the Grammy’s, If I win a Grammy, I’ma take it to the trenches, to the family,” he raps, over the melancholic piano. “Might sip some lean out and bein fancy / Knowin’ I ain’t ‘posed to be alive, sadly.”

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Check it out for yourself now, and sound off if you’re enjoying Durk’s triumphant run that’s currently underway. 


Shit, I’m tryna hold it to his chest
I’m just wonder if I’m too grown to shed tеars
My soul ain’t been the same, I been so damaged through the years
Wish distance between death had made me closer with my kids

HNHH by [Cardiblogger]