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Lil Wayne Pardon Causes “QAnon Shaman” To Rethink Trump Support: Report

Lil Wayne Pardon Causes

He painted the American flag on his face and wore a horned helmet as he stormed the Capitol, but seeing Weezy get a presidential pardon gave his pause.

Dozens of people are facing charges stemming from the insurrection at America’s Capitol on January 6. It was an event watched ’round the world as hundreds of pro-Trump supporters left the former president’s “Stop The Steal” rally in Washington, D.C., and stormed the building while Congress was in session. Representatives were quickly ushered to safety as they hid from rioters who took over their offices, stole items from their desks, trashed the Capitol, and according to reports, smeared feces in the hallways.

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Jacob Chansley, QAnon Shaman, Donald Trump, Capitol Riot
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As federal authorities continue to locate and arrest participants, one of the event’s most recognizable figures has reportedly issued a statement about his support of Donald Trump. Jacob Chansley, also known as the flag-toting “QAnon Shaman” who can only eat organic food while in jail, stated in court documents that after learning of Lil Wayne and other of Trump’s “friends and colleagues” receiving pardons, he’d re-evaluated his loyalty to the president’s cause.

“After the defendant noted former President Trump’s pardoning of his friends and colleagues and Lil’ Wayne, the defendant was compelled to reconcile his prior faith in former President Trump with the actions and words of President Trump.” As Chansley awaits his fate, those who continue to believe in Trump’s message stand firm on claims that he will be sworn in as the 19th president of the United States on March 4. Read through bits from Chansley’s court documents below.

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