Listen To Tate Kobang’s “Lead Baby”


A highlight from Tate’s new “28” mixtape.

Seemingly no longer signed with 300, Tate Kobang has been releasing music on his own terms. His latest project is called 28, the rapper’s current age as of this week, and it’s described as a “whole lotta ratchet music to fuck turkeys to and get money to.” It’s not an inaccurate description, but that’s certainly not all that’s going on with Tate’s latest. On “Lead Baby,” Tate swings between from carefree to guarded and threatening from bar to bar, stringing the lines together with common endings (“Your bitch sent me a message I ain’t read the shit / Bout to read it, I’mma leave that hoe on read and shit / I just put a hundred thousand on my bed and shit / They say that they want war then we ain’t deadin’ shit”) A gliding instrumental from YG! Beats, the rapper’s close collaborator who supplies production across the project helps bring it all together. It’s another example of Tate and YG! Beats being one of the more underrated rapper-producer teams working today. Listen to the full tape here.

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