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Livestream Teyana Taylor’s “KTSE” Album Listening Event


Watch Teyana Taylor’s live listening event via Twitter right now.

Just Like the previous three weeks with Ye, Kids See Ghosts, & Nasir, G.O.O.D Music’s Teyana Taylor is hosting a live listening event tonight in Los Angeles for her new album KSTE, which stands for Keep The Same Energy, and luckily it’s being streamed online again. But rather than going through the Wav app or even Youtube like the past couple weeks, Teyana is live streaming her album straight from Twitter, which you can watch right here. 

Unfortunately, there’s still very little information known about the album, outside a possible Lauryn Hill feature, but Def Jam did just share a clip from the listening event earlier that finds T talking about the meaning of the project.

“You know you have people that love you and people that like kinda shit on you. People that don’t believe in you and all these other things. And its like when they heard that Kanye was doing my album, they was like ‘nobody wants to hear a Teyana Taylor album.’ Those are people’s exact words. And to keep saying that on twitter and to be honest. was like ‘you know what I want everybody to keep that same energy’ when this album drop,” she says.

While we wait for the official album to arrive, check out the livestream of it first RIGHT HERE ON TWITTER. Stream expected to start at 11 PM PST, so it’s going to be a late one.

Update: Kim just tweeted out that Kanye has been putting the finishes touches to T’s album while flying back from Paris tonight. She also said it’s “soooo good.” So maybe that’s why the livestream is starting so late because of Kanye’s flight? Stay tuned.

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