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Lizzo Is “Open” To Having Kids Despite Past Reservations


Lizzo revealed that she is open to the idea of starting a family one day, despite never seeing a future for herself as a mother before.

Lizzo has confessed that she can now see herself starting a family someday, despite feeling differently about the future before. The Grammy-winning artist spoke to The Sunday Times recently about her current feelings toward her relationships with others and the possibility of having children. “It’s different now,” she revealed. “Like my relationship with my family, I’m working on that. I open myself up to friendships. I open myself up to the idea of children, which is big for me, because my albums are my babies.” Though she may feel this way today, she hasn’t always. There was once a time where Lizzo truly believed she would have “no children” and “only two friends.”

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The singer has previously opened up about how crucial her painful experiences were in molding her into the person she is today. “As f*cked up as it sounds, I needed that heartbreak experience,” she told Rolling Stone back in January. “I’m not sad, because I use the pain so constructively. The pain is human experience.” While there are no promises to get started on building a family anytime soon, it looks like we may be seeing a baby Lizzo running around in the future. Hopefully her kids will inherit her musical abilities, because they’ve got some big career shoes to fill.