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Lizzo Poses As A “Roll Model” In Bikini On Brazilian Beach


More hot looks from Lizzo.

If you’re reading this we can only assume it’s because you can’t get enough of the content Lizzo’s been serving her fans as of late. From her bikini girl gang photoshoot in Miami and her bikini twerk sessions to her cheeky views since touching down in Brazil, the “Truth Hurts” singer isn’t done with serving thirst traps to the ‘Gram.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

Clearly still on vacation and R&R mode, Lizzo hit up the gorgeous beaches of Brazil, namely one in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro and posed on the sand in a two-piece bikini. In a clever fashion, Lizzo captioned her series of pictures with, “Roll Model.”

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Not too long ago, Lizzo caught wind of people dubbing her the next Beyonce and while she was flattered, she spoke out about how such comparisons aren’t her favorite. “I think human beings need to relate things to each other. We need reference or else. If I see something like, ‘What does it taste like?’ If I’m eating duck, they’ll be like, ‘Tastes like chicken.’ Ok,” she said. “But when it’s saying Lizzo’s the next Beyoncé or Lizzo was the next so and so. Next Missy Elliott. I reject those statements because my whole entire career is about individuality and it is about me, like, being me. So, how can I be me if I’m the next Beyoncé? I’ve worked so hard to be Lizzo. It’s almost unfair to take Lizzo away from me and put someone else’s name on me.”