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Lori Harvey Shuts Down Assumptions That She’s Not Social Distancing


Lori Harvey set the record straight on her Instagram video of herself all dressed up after trolls tore her apart for leaving the house during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lori Harvey made sure to be crystal clear about her current coronavirus activities, after trolls began assuming that she was going out on the town because of a recent video she posted on Instagram. As coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, government and health officials are urging folks to stay home and practice social distancing to protect oneself and others. Lori Harvey is among those who are taking the advice of these professionals, but her most recent Instagram post may have you thinking otherwise.

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Lori Harvey shut down clap back deny clarify trolls coronavirus pandemic quarantine isolation social distancing zebra printLeon Bennett/Getty Images for Essence

The model and girlfriend (but also, possible fiancée, or even wife?) of Future took a mirror selfie video wearing a full zebra-print get-up complete with matching gloves and a handbag. The ensemble is not exactly quarantine attire, and many of Lori’s followers started to call her out in the comments for seemingly planning to leave the house and risk the health and safety of others.

However, Lori quickly took note of all the trolls giving her sh*t for her presumably careless antics, and clarified what she’s really up to at the moment. “I’m on the couch watching tv before y’all start,” she wrote in the comments with an eye-rolling emoji and a laughing emoji. So Ms. Harvey is either playing dress-up to occupy her time, or is simply enjoying a throwback clip from the pre-pandemic days. Either way, we’re glad she’s doing the responsible thing and staying home.