Man allegedly caught having sex with his son in Delta; the reactions from some social media users will shock you (Photos)


    New photos circulating social media shows a man who was caught while he was purportedly having sex with his son.

    According to unverified online reports, the man was caught as he was having sexual relations with his son, and this has reportedly been going on for a while.

    The photos were shared by a Facebook user who lives in Asaba, Delta state – according to the user who shared it, he doesn’t see anything wrong in incest and he feels it should even be legalized in the country.

    Shockingly, other users agree with him as they feel every and anyone are at liberty to be intimate with whoever they want to be intimate with.

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    The user wrote,

    The day people would start minding their business in this world, the better for them.
    So a Father was having sex with his son and busybodies wouldn’t allow them do it in peace.

    What’s wrong with incest? Is it not people’s choice and what two adults have agreed to do with their bodies?
    If it were homosexuals now, everyone would start speaking out in support of the harassed party, but because this is incest, no one is saying anything.

    Incest should be legalized in the country. Everyone has a right to choose who they want to have sex with. It’s a matter of choice  and sexual preferences.

    Photos below,

    See how some users also reacted,