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Melvin Gordon Sends Shots At Chargers Fans


Melvin Gordon always seemed to have issues with the lack of fans in Los Angeles.

Melvin Gordon started out his career with the Chargers organization although last year, it appeared as though there was some trouble on the horizon. Gordon was clearly not happy with his contract and held out from football activities as he sought to get his money up. He and the Chargers never came to an agreement so he decided to return to the field. During this most recent offseason, Gordon decided to leave Los Angeles and signed with a divisional rival in the Denver Broncos.

While speaking to journalist Nicki Jhabvala, Gordon admitted that playing in Los Angeles wasn’t very fun as the fanbase was practically non-existent. All of the football fans in the city were indebted to the Rams which made the Chargers a second rate team. As Gordon explains, Broncos fans made home games feel like away games. In fact, most Chargers home games felt like away matches. 

With this in mind, Gordon is happy to go to a team that actually has fans at their home games. However, when you have fans, there are bigger expectations and as a running back, your performance isn’t always guaranteed. Regardless, Gordon seems content with his decision and that’s all that should matter at this point. 

While his beef might be with Chargers fans, one could make the argument, what Chargers fans?

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