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Michael Rapaport Blasts Kim Kardashian Over Taylor Swift Drama


Michael Rapaport is known for his expletive-riddled rants that he shares with social media, and this time he’s taken aim at the “f*cking lunatic Kardashians.”

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift were doing just fine on their own with their recent internet spat, but Michael Rapaport just couldn’t hold back on adding his two cents. Recently, the past rift between Kanye West and Swift once again reared its ugly head. The full video of their discussion about his single “Famous” hit the streets, causing Kim and Swift to engage in a war of words on social media.

Michael Rapaport Kim Kardashian
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Kim told the singer “nobody cares” about the controversy any more while Swift, along with her manager, accused the reality star of doctoring previous videos. Soon after, Rapaport shared a video of himself bashing Kim and everything she stands for. “No one cares, okay. Nobody gives a f*ck about this bullsh*t with you and Taylor Swift,” he said. “Or f*cking kooky Kanye and Taylor f*cking Swift—if he never ran up there and took the award from Swifty, we still wouldn’t be talkin’ about it. The only one still talkin’ about it is you.”

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The actor then accused Kim of  brining this up because “your f*cking show is premiering Thursday.” Rapaport also challenged Kanye to run up on a man the next time he wants to interrupt an award speech. “Do it to the Wu-Tang Clan,” he said. “Or do it to one of those dudes from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They’ll f*ckin’ dropkick him off the f*cking stage. F*cking lunatic Kardashians.” Watch the clip below.