[Music Album] “Nothing To Say” SL


SL’s “Nothing To Say” Is Imbued With Power

SL drops the video for “Nothing To Say.”

SL is the runaway star of the UK drill scene, opening doors in the broader sense of the music industry. On “Nothing To Say,” SL experiences a rapid growth spurt right before our eyes. But don’t get it twisted, he’ll still “take one for the team.”The main talking point on “Nothing To Say” is quite openly stated, quite ironically. There isn’t a single catchphrase that SL has neglected to use before. The accompanying video only reinforced this idea of persecution of Black music in the United Kingdom, enforced by law enforcement officers. SL’s makeshift “keffiyeh” is a statement in itself. To me, “the masking” isn’t just a “skeng” derivative. It communicates repression in a fairly straightforward manner, in the sense that drill rappers have become a similitude in the eyes of the establishment.Thankfully, SL seems to understand this responsibility, and how artistic expression can be a positive force against oppresssion. Hit us with your thoughts.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Ol’ boy I’m surprised you even risked it (risked it)
Remind me of your missus
She won’t risk it for no biscuit
But she’ll risk it for a big spliff
She a ripped bag and you dig it (dig it)
Done that must send you livid.