[Music] Download “Nice Guy” Eminem Feat. Jessie Reyez


Eminem And Jessie Reyez Team Up For The Tortured “Nice Guy”

The legend gets a dose of youthful energy from the up-and-comer.

Eminem surprised everyone with his new album, Kamikaze, when he dropped it out of the blue at midnight two days ago. On the album itself there are some unexpected inclusions too. One is Jessie Reyez, the up-and-comer from Brampton, a suburb of Toronto, who broke out in 2016 with the song “Figures” and has been getting bigger ever since. But, being featured on two concept songs on an Eminem album is a new height of exposure for her.”Nice Guy” is a part one of two concept songs about a relationship of Eminem’s that went south. Reyez’s part in the song is the woman’s perspective, who is fed up with Eminem sitting “chained up in the basement” working on his music while she chills on his couch. She disagrees with his claims that he’s the “nice guy,” singing on the chorus: “You’re such a nice guy, a nice guy/You’re faithful, you don’t lie/After the club, you go back home, right?/Right?! Sike!” Her vocals sound painful, squeezed out drop by drop and they’re pitch-shifted, moments later, into a chopped and screwed “Suck my dick, you fuckin’ suck, man.”

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The lyrical content is classic Eminem, with threats of baseball bats and admissions of emotional instability. Have a listen:

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m not a cheater, but if I’ma be accused, might as well be
You tell me you’ll take me back when hell freezes, but females be Rushin’ me outside my telly,
Temptation overwhelms me
Like my monthly bill from Sprint, they chargin’ me for a selfie
Chargin’ me, so I gave my hotel key
Eh, I was tryna be nice