My Observation About Benue Awards – Fleetman

My Observation about Benue Awards - Fleetman

Today 16th October 2019, Fleetman took to his Facebook personal account to write about his Observation about Benue Awards.
A good number of awards in Benue are real but majority are not. I understand that showbiz in Benue is not easy. Personally I organized an event and award night that was not very successful especially the aspect of income/profit. In fact, after the event I was still owing dancers, drummers, bouncers, security and even Ushers(Thank God they gave me time to pay them back) Some of the awards are still my Library. Many described the event as the best Live Bank performance in middle belt in recent times.

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There is no sponsorship so the event organizers have to sell the awards to their friends and people who could afford tables.

The system of Nomination is very poor, regional, sentimental and illogical.

The winners are know before the event…why? Because you have to inform them else they won’t buy tickets (Except for some that love entertainment)

If you are building a brand, don’t capitalize on only the profit. The name matters as well.
I remember when we sent out messages to nominees. A good number of them reacted Negatively. Some saying they don’t have money to pay or they can’t waste their time. Most of the winners never expected it but we sacrificed tickets…

If you are too concerned about making fast money than building a solid brand, they masses will conclude that your brand is only for people who a desperate.