My Wife Went To A Club With My Best Man And Slept Over At His House – Local Man Cries Out

My Wife Went To A Club With My Best Man And Slept Over At His House - Local Man Cries Out

A man living abroad has suffered a serious heartbreak after his wife betrayed his trust.

A man has expressed shock and disappointment after finding out that his wife of four years has been having an affair with his best man. Cynthia Valerian Raphaels shared the story on Facebook.  It read:  “Good afternoon ma. Please I need advise.Conceal my id. I left for Abroad, spent a year, to complete my school program. Came back and found some changes in my wife. She is a member of this group and I kept so much in touch with her and made sure she didn’t lack anything at all.I can’t believe what I heard about her but the one shocking to me was that, she went to club with my best man at our wedding and passed the night at his place but left early in the morning by 6:30 or so. I want to withheld how I got to know for now.I confronted my friend and he claimed he never saw my wife break light. My wife first denied but when I showed her some proof and left the house for her, stayed two weeks without asking after her, she came to me with the whole truth and she slept over at his house but they are not dating, why she didn’t tell me is one reason I font know.My best man denied till he heard it right from my wife’s mouth and that alone scares me. I don’t know what to believe. We have no child yet and I am an orphan. I Spoke to my aunt and she said I should do what is in my mind that she’s disappointed. 4 years of married . 33 years, 37 years”

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