NBA Youngboy & Quando Rondo Trade Bars On “Suited Panamera”


NBA Youngboy called upon his friend and longtime collaborator Quando Rondo to hop on his album cuts, “Suited Panamera,” off of his recently released album, Still Flexin, Still Steppin (2020). Though the 20-year-old hip-hop artists is currently struggling with the possible loss of his younger brothers to long-term jail time, Youngboy Never Broke Again has been confidently promoting his latest musical offering and receiving positive feedback from his massive fanbase. And “Suited Panamera” is one of those tracks that’s going to help him land comfortably at the top of the Billboard Hot 200 Albums list in the coming weeks. 

The song produced by Khris James & Vadebeatz features a midtempo beat with multiple sets of piano cords layered atop of one another. A heavy-hitting 808 bassline provides some warmth to the instrumental while the drum sequencing remains aggressive. NBA Youngboy kicks off the song painfully admitting his struggles with trauma, trust, and self-medicating while Quando Rondo takes shots at his opposition and represents his crip gang affiliation. 

Listen to NBA Youngboy’s “Suited Panamera” featuring Quando Rondo in the streaming link provided below and drop your thoughts on the track in the comment section. 

Quotable Lyrics

Singin’ that, fuck that love shit, bitch, been long gone, baby
I got trust issues, plus these drugs won’t let me hold on, baby
I be wantin’ to leave it all, but did too much to fuckin’ make it
The ones I love, I cut ’em off, ’cause it’s too much and I can’t take it
I don’t do no talkin’ on it, either side
Them Xans what got this look stuck up in my eyes
It numb my pain, never left, it only rise
At the end, not only that your soul left, your name dies

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