What You need to know about FJ Republic


FJ Republic is a social republic created by Fleetman  FJ Republic is a summary of the activities of the entire world. The Republic is an entertainment hub which is owned and controlled by veremba world Entertainment.  This Republic is responsible for FJ Republic stories,  both in films,  music,  videos,  graphics, dance,  comedy,  documentaries, fitness,  sport and every possible entertaining platform.  Watch out for more news about FJ Republic. Thank you.

Flee Journal (FJ) Republic  also known as Monkey Republic

Map and their main regions

Flee Journal (FJ)  Republic consists of five regions,  which includes;

1. Northern District ( Moriba State).  This is a black dominated region
2. Central District (Nungwa State). This region is a mixture of blacks and whites
3. Mediterian District ( mnger State).  This region is dominated by Arabs and Asians.
4. Southern District ( Mfe State).  This is a white dominated region.
5. Unknown district (Okpen State).This is a Ghetto region,  dominated by Rastas, Rascals and hood addicts.
6. The Republic also have an island,  desert, ocean,  rivers, lakes and lots more.
FJ Republic Map


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