Passenger Plane Carrying 166 People Makes Emergency Landing With No Front Wheels


    A huge passenger plane which was carrying as many as 166 persons, has made an emergency landing with no front wheels.

    An airliner carrying 166 people has made a dramatic emergency landing with no front wheels and only one working engine.
    Capital Airlines Flight 5759 ground to a halt at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport in China’s southern Guangdong province at 11.58am on today with all 157 passengers and nine crew reported safe following the scare.
    Footage from the scene shows those onboard screaming in terror at what had just unfolded.
    They then leap out of the exit onto an emergency slide to safety.
    The Beijing-based airlines said in a statement on China’s Twitter-like service Weibo that flight JD5759 left the Chinese capital at 8.17am and encountered wind shear while attempting to land in Macau at 11.40am.
    A suspected hard landing damaged the aircraft’s front landing gear, causing it to lose both wheels in the process and sending debris flying into its left engine, which later failed.
    The plane ascended again and circled above the Pearl River estuary before being rerouted to Shenzhen, about 25 miles northeast of the gambling hub Macau.
    Emergency crews were on standby as the Airbus A320 touched down on runway 16/34, grinding away almost half the remaining landing gear strut before sliding to a stop, reports said.
    Five passengers suffered minor injuries during the emergency landing, which saw the runway shut for three hours between 12.30pm and 3.30pm.
    Capital Airlines said it was already communicating with the affected passengers in the aftermath of the accident.