Quelle Chris & Chris Keys Are “Living Happy” With Joseph Chilliams & Cavalier


Some songs just immediately make you want to dance, and it looks like Quelle Chris & Chris Keys took it even further on their new track “Living Happy” by listing down all the classic moves you can hit while getting down to this collaborative jam.

Also featuring Joseph Chilliams & Cavalier, “Living Happy” is a song lifted from the upcoming album Innocent Country 2 that was announced recently by Mello Music Group via Instagram (seen above). The instrumental provided by Keys matches the bars from each emcee perfectly, and the catchiness of it all makes this a grand effort from all parties involved. Whether you can actually hit each dance move shouted out on the chorus isn’t important — having fun while listening along is what it’s all about. 

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Listen to the collaborative effort “Living Happy” by Quelle Chris & Chris Keys below, which also features Joseph Chilliams & Cavalier, and look out for Innocent Country 2 to drop on April 24:

Quotable Lyrics:

Face down, ass up
Doo Doo Brown
Chicken head
Bust a Juke
Hit the Jit
Cabbage patch
Tootsie Roll
Lean wit’ it, rock wit’ it
Do the jerk 
Hit the Whoa
Pee-wee Herman 
Charlie Brown 
Raise the roof
Running man 
Roger Rabbit 
Then, stanky leg
Cat daddy