Quincey White & The Game Connect On “Friday”

Quincey White & The Game Connect On

The West Coast is alive as ever. Over the past few years, California’s witnessed a renaissance of sorts that showcased the versatility of their sound. Certain artists have maintained true to the Atlanta-driven melodies that have found a home across the state while others have offered to tell their story in a more traditional fashion.

This week, Quincy White arrived with his latest body of work, The White House. The rapper enlists a slew of talent to bring the 7-trac project to life but it’s The Game who helps White set the tone on the opening track, “Friday” — an obvious ode to the Ice Cube film of the same name. Smokey, laid back production backs White up as he details an average day in the hood. The Game doesn’t hold down a verse on this one but his inclusion on the hook truly takes the track to another level.

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Check the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
Can’t wait, one thing I’m askin’ y’all
At this park, are we playin’ basketball?
Drop 40 on you n***as, waste of energy blood
Now I gotta drop this bitch off in my enemy hood

HNHH by [Cardiblogger]