Residents Pose For Pictures Inside Dirty Water After Heavy Flood In Maiduguri (Photos)


    Some residents of Maiduguri whose homes were ravaged by flood, have thrown caution to the winds to pose in the water. 

    Photos have shown the moment some excited residents of Maiduguri defied the flood to have some fun in site of their apparent problems.
    Local reports show that an early morning downpour in Maiduguri on Monday flooded many areas as residents found it very difficult to come out of their homes. Most accessible roads in some areas was submerged, making it difficult for passage in and out of affected areas.
    However, even with the flooding, some of the residents including schoolchildren, decided to take pictures in the flood.
    Adults were also seen in the water throwing their hands in the air with happy smiles on their faces as they posed for the camera. Apparently even their problems, they have decided to throw caution to the wind and just play in the water.