Rico Nasty Strikes Like “Lightning” On Her Latest Single


Rico Nasty became a critical darling in the past few years but it feels like she’s aiming for the stars in 2020. Although she’s released a few singles and stand-out verses, she’s had fans on the edge of their seats for a few snippets of unreleased music she’s teased. Among them is “Lightning” which she dropped in its entirety today. The thing about Rico is that there’s various sides of her artistry she’s introduced in her career but in recent times, these different personas have found space on wax to co-exist. “Lightning” is a perfect example of Rico’s wide-ranging abilities from her witty punchlines, versatile flow and a soft, douce melody on the hook. With an ethereal production to back her up, Rico puts all of her strengths in one pot on “Lightning.”

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Peep the new song below and keep your eyes peeled for more new music from Rico.

Quotable Lyrics
They bite my sauce but I sell it back like crack in the 80s
I don’t hear my haters, y’all motivate me to get the paper
New Chanel bag and the boots, they both alligator
I be goin’ up, these bitches should call me elevator