Robertspaz shades EMS for spatting on Makurdi Rappers (Reactions)

Robertspaz shades EMS for spatting on Makurdi Rappers (Reactions)

Robertspaz Of Tervella Records have this to write shortly after EMS, a Makurdi Based rapper reportedly claimed that he is the best rapper and has shut down Makurdi with line and punch raps… as he always add to his line “badder Than Them”.

RobertSpaz Wrote;

It was brought to my notice that Ikyobo Daniels aka Emperor swags spat on Makurdi Rappers face and none could stand up to him blah blah blah…

Seen is believing u know

So had 2 see for myself…

Got online only to see comments n messages everywhere,

Niqqaz picking sides, artistes paparazzying up and down,

Everyone flexing muscle online…

Perhaps I got tempted too

 but why???

No need….

But how can you come out rap your rap then come back and redirect people to go listen to a line of you praising yourself against a whole damn industry with really childish lines…!

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(Ads strategy yeah???)

A hype man could have done that but no!

The annoying part is, as these boys too no go use their head they follow u dey catch d cruise…

U kids listen and listen attentively,

Hip Hop is a cultural movement, I do not mean cult pls, quote me anywhere!.

We all know the story, the shift from the ideal message from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message” which discussed realities of life, to gangster rap, with likes of Ice T with his #6inthemornin single and N.W.A #Niggaz4Lifealbum not forgetting ice cube’s #Amerikkka’smostwantedalbum

These are significant points (early 1990s) where hip hop took a significant turn moving from lyrical punches to physical punches

2pac versus B.I.G story though there have never been concrete evidence to back up the the claim yet,

We all know the history!…

Fast forward M & Vec.

Even heard Vec paid M a visit SMH🙄

These are celebrities sha oh but before you start acting like them be sure to be on their level too…

By the way go listen to MI speech @the headies 2009 after receiving the award for best lyrical album!!!

Nowadays, u see, upcoming trynna cop celebrities without skills and resources then before you know their tongue and immaturity lands then into celebrity problems they can’t handle in real life

Along the line, someone gets provoked and throws a blow,

Before you know I trust my Makurdi boys they go about looking for themselves…

most times it extends the screen…

So here’s a piece of advice before u go about generalizing, condemning and calling names


 Only a fool tests the depth of water with both feet.

 Also @ this juncture I’d like y’all to take note of the fact that

I am saying this not because I am also from Makurdi per say because even EMS sef no FIT call me Makurdi Rapper…..

He knows better than drag me back down there!!!

Rappers got bragging rights and all that stuff but again I need not remind you that these bragging rights should not be abused but rather used to preach positive message that represents and I repeat *the ideal message from Grandmaster Flash and co.

when  given the privilege to of cause……..

This gotta be the longest speech I have and will type on social space so congratulations my homies

 but before your man leaves

Should I need remind you that any negative response to this post will get no vibe from me!

I mean no reply 4rm me!!!

I ain’t got time

work on my EP still in progress…✌


Coming Soon