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Sabrina Parr Addresses Lamar Odom’s Suggestion That She “Slept With” Tristan Thompson

Sabrina Parr Addresses Lamar Odom's Suggestion That She

His controversial interview with Wendy Williams has caused his ex-fiancé to come forward.

She’s setting the record straight, kind of, after Lamar Odom suggested to Wendy Williams that she’d “slept with” Tristan Thompson. After his interview with the talk show host went viral, Sabrina Parr found herself tagged in multiple posts. Her ex-fiancé made shocking allegations against her, claiming that he was skeptical of Parr’s intentions after learning that she’d had sex with his “ex-wife’s significant other,” believed to be Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

Parr sat down with Hip Hollywood and was asked how her life has been since getting engaged back in November 2019. “[It’s] definitely been up and down,” she said. “Currently right now, it is literally like, what is happening? Why can’t I just move on and walk away peacefully like a normal person? Um, so, that has been challenging to navigate through, but I know my truth so I constantly remind myself of my truth and that literally gives me energy that I need to continue.”

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When asked about her opinion on Lamar’s accusations, Parr shut things down. “I’m not going to respond,” she said. “Of course, I saw it. Everyone tagged me in it and I’m just going to allow his narrative to be his narrative. I literally have no intention to respond to it.” The host put on a little pressure to “clear up” Odom’s suggestion that Parr had a sexual relationship with Thompson.

“I’m not clearing up any claims. Whatever his narrative is, I’m going to allow him to have that narrative,” Parr stated. “And I stand firm on that. I think at the end of the day, as people continue to watch me and watch him, they’ll be able to see what’s true and what’s not and what matters and what doesn’t matter. For me, it’s counterproductive to clear up anything.”

Parr also denied that she’s ever said Odom was using drugs or had relapsed. Check out the clip from her interview below.

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