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Safaree Accused Of Scamming Rapper, DJ Envy Explains What May Have Really Happened

Safaree Accused Of Scamming Rapper, DJ Envy Explains What May Have Really Happened

A rapper claims that he paid Safaree $1,000 to have his song included on a mixtape, but Envy said there have been mixtape producers scamming unsuspecting artists.

It’s not uncommon for established artists to seek features from lesser-known creatives for their projects, but one rapper is claiming that Safaree Samuels took advantage of him. The Breakfast Club was discussing the recent reports that Kevin Hart was defrauded out of over $1 million from his hired personal shopper. The radio hosts took calls from the public, listening to stories where people say they “got got.” One man called in to reveal that he lost $1,000 after DMing Safaree’s blue-check Instagram account.

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“This how he got me. He hit me up first actually on Instagram,” said the man. “He was like, ‘Yo, your track is hot.’ This a big producer… He told me that he could do a little promo for me, throw my track on Spotify, on the playlist for me and all that for $1,000. So, I paid him, and weeks and months go by. So, I’m hitting him up. He said, ‘Oh, I forgot you on this tape so I got you on the next project.’ It was supposed to drop in November. So, after November, he completely stopped responding and he basically got me out of $1,000, so I just have to take my L.”

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The man further explained that the first project from Safaree was supposed to drop in September and then follow-up in November, so he has chalked it up as a financial loss. However, there have been scammers taking advantage of artists, as well, and DJ Envy explained to the caller why he doesn’t believe Safaree has anything to do with it.

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“There’s these people that do mixtapes,” said Envy. “If you see a bunch of different artists, they’ll say, ‘Hey, we’ll put you this mixtape.’ They pay the artist to host the mixtape and the artist hosts the mixtape, they get ten songs from ten different people. And when they get the 10 songs, the artist does the drops and they put the mixtape out. It probably wasn’t him, it probably was a company like that that does the mixtape type of thing.”

Listen to the man explain his situation below.

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