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Sauce Walka Slams Lil Uzi Vert’s Homage To Lil B: “That Is A Sticker”

Sauce Walka Slams Lil Uzi Vert's Homage To Lil B:

Sauce Walka isn’t buying that Lil B is the real inspiration been Lil Uzi Vert’s pink forehead diamond.

Lil Uzi Vert has been the topic of discussion all week, and deservedly so considering the massive investment that he recently put on his forehead. After the Eternal Atake rapper revealed last week that he was set to place a $24 million pink diamond in the middle of his forehead, the internet erupted into jokes and fervent commentary regarding Uzi’s decision.

While most rappers have simply made fun of the Philly rapper with Marvel memes, one artist, in particular, has been extremely bothered by Lil Uzi’s new gem: Houston, Texas’ own Sauce Walka. As a notable figure in Hip-Hop who already had a diamond implanted into his face, Sauce Walka took personal offense at not being credited for starting yet another trend.

Lil Uzi seems much more concerned with his health and wellbeing since he could reportedly die if his infinity stone is removed incorrectly, but he still took the time to set the record straight on his inspiration for the eclectic body jewelry. Without even mentioning Sauce Walka, Uzi simply tweeted a throwback photo of Lil B, in which the influential artist is depicted with a shiny decoration on his forehead.

DJ Akademiks reposted the picture and decided to use Uzi’s admission as a chance to start a dialogue about Lil B’s influence and cultural impact, but Sauce Walka wasn’t having it. The Houston Rapper quickly hopped in Ak’s comments and wrote, “THAT IS A STICKER IN LIL B HEAD #NOT A DIAMOND IMPLANT.” 

Essentially, Sauce Walka still believes himself to be the torchbearer of the diamond implant trend, regardless of what Uzi has to say about it. As seen in a recent shot at 21 Savage, the Houston rapper has no problem coming for anyone and will likely continue to criticize his Philly counterpart. However, Uzi has remained surprisingly positive throughout this entire process, so fans will have to wait and see how Uzi and Walka’s beef evolves. 

Do you think that Sauce Walka has a point or is Lil B a valid inspiration for Lil Uzi’s new forehead diamond?

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