Shocking! Woman Kills Partner With Boiling Water For Cheating


    A  woman has found herself in serious trouble after killing her partner with boiling water to teach him a lesson for cheating.

    A 57-year-old woman admitted in a German court on Monday to having killed her partner with boiling water so as to “teach him a lesson” because of an alleged affair.
    The woman, who has not been identified under Germany’s strict privacy laws, acted out of jealousy when she doused her partner with boiling water one night in a bedroom, prosecutors told the court in the southern German city of Ingolstadt.
    The 47-year-old man died a few days later as a result of the burns he suffered in the incident, which affected about 70 per cent of his body.
    In a statement read out in court by the defendant’s lawyer, she admitted to carrying out the attack, however she did not think he could die from her action.
    The judge said the court should examine whether the defendant required psychiatric care.
    The verdict is expected to be announced on July 31.