Smart Ways To Grow Your Twitter Followers [EASY]


What can Twitter do for you?

Twitter has the potential to drive traffic to your blog, get more eye-balls on your content, promote your products/services and increase your influence on the social web.

You will also get the opportunity to connect with other users and form deep connections that will be beneficial to you in a huge way. You can use it to develop an engaged community that trusts you and listens to what you have to say.

Twitter can also help get your blog posts indexed quicker by Google – there are numerous benefits. And Twitter is continuing to grow at the rate of 135,000 users each day.

How to setup your Twitter account

You need to add some personality to your Twitter profile; otherwise your profile will just look like every other profile out there.

Your Twitter profile should clearly emanate what you are about. A bland profile won’t help you, so there are a few things you should do to stand out:

Add a unique image

Your profile image should be an image of yourself when possible; people like to know who they are talking to. If you’re managing the Twitter account for a brand where various people have access to the Twitter account, it’s good practice to tag individual tweets so people know who they are talking to.

Create a unique header image

Adding a header image is a great way to make your Twitter profile stand out, place a unique and creative header that effectively represents you or your brand.

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Write an engaging bio

This is way more important than most of us realize at first. Your bio is an opportunity to tell people what you do and what you’re about – it’s a great opportunity to tell people why they should follow you. The great thing about this is that by conveying the right message you will attract the right followers; likeminded people with shared interests that you can connect with in a more meaningful way.

Now lets get straight to building engagement and followership on Twitter

  • Tweet often: By often, tweet as much as you can but you should be mindful so push out quality tweets rather than tweet your random thoughts all the time. Tweets reach more people in the morning and at night.
  • Engage with anyone who likes, retweets, or messages you, but do avoid automated messages. Retweet something that you actually find valuable. If you aren’t engaging with other Twitter users, you’re going to struggle to build an engaged following.
  • Speaking of Retweeting; Retweet other people’s stuff. I was up to 2,000 followers before I posted anything related to my own site. I think people came to see my feed as a good aggregator of other people’s sites. In this regard, I demonstrated adding value back to the group without seeking too much for myself. Selflessness pays off with Twitter.
  • Targeted following: The approach is basically; A). find an influential person who tweets out material similar to yours, B). follow his followers, maybe 100 at a time, C). wait and watch as maybe 20-50 follow back. With this approach, it is a win-win because you are offering those followers the same type of information via your tweets, so make sure you’re tweeting high quality material.
  • Ask for a followback: Some persons might engage with your tweets and genuinely forget to follow you. You could tweet at them for a followback and they’ll gladly follow you
  • Join top Twitter discussions you are passionate about, whether you love music, art, football, you could always key in to top conversations and share your views. People who like your views would definitely follow you to stay in touch.
  • Unfollow Unfollowers; After racking up followers, it is smart to go in and unfollow anyone who hasn’t followed you back. Nowadays, I’ll basically unfollow anyone if they don’t follow me back within a week. There are many apps out there where you can use to unfollow persons who don’t follow you.
  • Follow back anyone who follows you, except try to avoid spam and inactive accounts.
  • Leverage and optimize hashtags Including relevant hashtags in your tweets is a great way to get more reach on your tweets, use hashtags that go in line with your tweets. The problem is that most hashtags won’t help you at all, so the key is in finding which of them are worth using.
  • Pin your best stuff to your profile: If you’ve shared a tweet that had gained so more reach, by reach I mean retweets and replies, try pinning it to your profile. Whenever someone visits your Twitter profile, they will see this pinned tweet which is a great opportunity to give your followers something great.


Growing your Twitter following takes lots of time and effort. So it’s easy to understand why some folks look for shortcuts.

But the truth of the matter is that a following is pointless if it isn’t real. And there are tools that highlight accounts with fake followers, so for those who go down this route, the impact on their reputation can be a big problem.

So, use these tips to start growing a natural, and engaged audience. The results can be incredible

Posting constant, consistently and original content is your best source new Twitter followers, especially now in 2019, with some many people on Twitter, searching for instant information, use #hashtags so that your content shows up in those searches. With Twitter’s new upgrades, people can be brought to your content even quicker.

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