Smoking: what you need to know (by Fleetman)



Writer: Fleetman
Actor: Tor Linus (Bizzy Brain)
Photographer: Fleetman
Director: Fleetman
Smoking is a habit.
Smoking is a choice.
80% of the adults in the world (most especially men) smokes.
Lawfully, smoking (especially weed) is illegal in many countries of the world, but the funny part of it is that most Law makers smoke before debating on crucial matters. An officer will catch you smoking (especially weed), He/she will arrest you, collect what you are smoking, smoke it and lock you in prison. Please don’t lock me up, I am just an Innocent writer.
Elderly people will smoke and advice the younger generation not to smoke. What an irony!!! Well, let me not criticise my elders.
A good number of creative and interpretative individuals are super smokers(don’t criticise me yet).
The truth of the matter is, excessive smoking is not advisable health wise, hence SMOKERS ARE LIABLE TO DIE YOUNG.

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