Story: I come from a city called Makurdi – Fleetman

Story: I come from a city called Makurdi - Fleetman

I come from a city called #Makurdi

One of the most beautiful places in the world

Some of you are not aware of this fact because you are only concerned about what you don’t have…in that case, you may never be happy…well, that’s another story.

I have been to the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria

Don’t forget, I am from the centre part of Nigeria

This town is very beautiful

Guess what, river Benue have two bridges

The town is not up to modern standards

But our generation is already making plans for that.

Let’s talk brief about the entertainment industry… When you talk about music in Nigeria, the biggest legend alive is from that axes

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The industry is the least in terms of earnings

I hate this part but that’s the truth…

As a graduate of theater arts, I am still finding it difficult with my 4.2345 CGPA. My friends are supporting, my lovers, family and team members are all on my side.

Let me not deviate from the story of Makurdi

I shot a music video earlier this year #GhettoLifeVideo

In the process, I discovered that Makurdi is extremely beautiful

A very big river is in the middle of the town

There is a very big island on that river #MeetMakurdiClub

Should I tell you something you don’t know?

The biggest Beach in west Africa is on that Island

Denny Daniels I remember you were suppose to give me a drone shot

Well, we still have a long way to go

The only industry where artists plenty pass audience 🤣🤣🤣 I told you guys that I wasn’t gonna talk about the industry but I discovered that i was lying…

While we were on set at the railway, we discovered that the whole agberos in Makurdi are on a mission to fill that cave with shit 🤣🤣 we had to close our nose during shooting. Imagine say as train no  come dey Makurdi again

We ma we turn the place to #MeetMakurdiLoversClub

I want to admit something here. Some people gave me feedback about who they thought I was from a distance until they came close…damn I was shocked in the process 😮 but I got use to it.

I will continue the story another day

I am #Fleetmanoficia