Syd Brings The Vibes On New Single “Missing Out”

Syd Brings The Vibes On New Single

From solo work to The Internet, Syd has consistently been one of the best r&b vocalists out there. With every new track and project, Syd has improved upon her songwriting, and now, she is back with her first solo effort in quite some time. This new song is called “Missing Out” and its got plenty of dope vibes that will carry you through the weekend.

Production-wise, we get some synths that dance around in the background while the drums offer a hypnotic contrast. Lyrically, Syd sings about a relationship that ended because both sides simply weren’t cut out for each other. Despite this, they are still feeling sad about the time apart, and it leads to a melancholic track that brings about a ton of emotions.

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You can stream the track, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

As far as I can see, you and me could never be
‘Cause we didn’t spend the proper time tryna work it out
Hope you findin’ what you need or what you seek ’cause now I’m free
And maybe in another life, you’d be mine, mine, mine

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