Tame Impala Redefines Psychedelia On “The Slow Rush”


Kevin Parker’s musical brainchild in Tame Impala has done it again with the release of his fourth studio album, The Slow Rush (2020). In recent years, Parker has teamed up with the likes of Theophilus London on songs like “Only You” and “Whiplash.” And even more recently, the Gorillaz revealed that they have a collaboration with Tame Impala in the works. Now, Parker on his own has released one of the more complete projects of the year in The Slow Rush

This particular project stays on-brand with Parker’s signature sound but does offer a refreshing look into his development as an artist since the release of his last LP, Currents (2015), five years ago. With a running time of 57 minutes and 25 seconds, Tame Impala experimented on several lengthy songs including “Posthumous Forgiveness,” “Breathe Deeper,” the seven-minute plus album closer “An Hour Longer,” and more. 

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The Slow Rush is full of vintage vibrations, instruments, various ambient synths, percussion pads, and more. Parker’s willingness to experiment with psychedelic musical elements such as unique time signatures, drum sequencing, and mixing methods have provided his music with an extremely vast landscape. “Breathe Deeper” and “It Might Be Time” are the only two tracks on the album that share tempos similarly found in the hip-hop realm. Other than that, Parker who wrote, produced, mixed, and master the entire album allowed his falsetto vocals to purge the divinely placed instrumentation gracefully and successfully. 

Check out Tame Impala’s latest musical offering in The Slow Rush in the streaming link provided below. 

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1. One More Year
2. Instant Destiny
3. Borderline
4. Posthumous Forgiveness
5. Breathe Deeper
6. Tomorrow’s Dust
7. On Track
8. Lost In Yesterday
9. Is It True
10. It Might Be Time
11. Glimmer
12. One More Hour