Tboss reveals she turns into a ‘mermaid every weekend’ (Photo)


    Big Brother Naija Star Tboss has revealed the Kind of creature she turns into during the weekends and y’all won’t believe it.

    Few hours ago, the Edo beauty shared a photo on her page, and a fan called her Mermaid, She replied saying its only for the Weekend.

    Last month, the beautiful Romanian-Nigerian made an appeal on her Insta Story. She called on men to stop sending her raunchy pictures of themselves.

    The model/actor went ahead to say her eyes have been violated and her personal space is not so personal anymore.

    She wrote:

    Dear Guys

    Y’all need to blooming STOP sending me D**k pics!!

    Like yooo,,,Now my chest is hurting from what just jumped at me not to mention the violation it’s caused my eyes.

    #Aawww my beautiful personal space is not so personal anymore

    So now that you’ve showed me your bits wtf are you expecting to happen? Am I supposed to call you up or what?

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