Teacher Goes Viral After Making Cardi B Themed Hall Passes


    Cardi B’s soon-to-be iconic meme keeps turning up in unexpected places.

    Though Cardi B has solidified herself as a capable rapper, with her debut album Invasion Of Privacy earning critical acclaim, the recent mother has apparently transcended music. In fact, Cardi has undeniably emerged as a pop culture icon. So much so that even childhood pictures have been immortalized as memes. To be fair, the soon-to-be iconic “My Mama Said” Cardi meme is genuinely enjoyable, and continues to find renewed purpose even after its fifteen minutes have passed.Case in point, a Pine Bluff English and Creative Writing teacher by the name of Rebecca Newby has recently created several Cardi-centric halll passes, which have inevitably gone viral. “”Ms. Newby said I can go to the library” reads one. “Ms. Newby said I can go to the restroom,” says the other; they continues along those lines. If you’re wondering what prompted the hall-passes in the first place, Newby explained as much to Buzzfeed News:

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    “My students love Cardi B, and so do I, by the way. Hall passes are just a small piece to creating the culture of my classroom. I became a teacher because I realized how important it is to have ‘good’ teachers.”