TeeMarrr & D Smoke Link Up In “Kinda Loove” Remix Clip


TeaMarrr visualizes her latest remix.

After arriving with a D Smoke-assisted remix to her “Kinda Love” track, singer-songwriter TeaMarrr has doubled down with a James Bland-directed flick to match. This time around, the new video further extends on the premise set up by the original video as TeaMarrr test drives the perfect guy–fresh from the factory.

“I’m really big on things coming from me and having them reflect my ideas, my soul,” TeaMarr reflects on the clip. “My team doesn’t rush me — they know things take time before coming to me. But I’d always had the idea of ‘Kinda Love’ having to do with a factory, and the label was down with it immediately. I’m so used to being low budget and indie, so I didn’t know if it would happen, but the label made it happen […] trust [director James Bland] with my vision, and he had the idea of continuing the workshop and seeing what it would be like to live with the man I made from scratch. That’s where the video came from — being put under pressure and whipping out whatever came to mind. It sounded outrageous, but people were like, ‘wait, this could work!'”

Watch up top.

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