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Tom Brady Sends A Message To Fans Amid Quarantine


Tom Brady spoke to his fans who are facing a crisis over the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Brady recently signed a big contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but that hasn’t exactly been at the forefront of his mind over the past couple of days. The entire sports world has been shutdown due to the Coronavirus and many cities are under a strict lockdown in order to avoid any community spread of the disease. Many people are in a state of panic and anxiety and Brady knows this. In light of the situation, Brady took to his Instagram page where he addressed his fans who might be worried about what is to come.

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Brady provided a calming voice urging his fans to stay safe and take care of their bodies in this worrisome time. He offered his support to those are feeling helpless in the crisis. He even urged fans to try out his TB12 immunity boost program to help themselves get healthier during this trying time.

Brady has always shown himself to be a leader and this video will certainly make Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans feel at ease. However, the promotion of his TB12 products is quite dubious, to say the least.

Regardless, it’s clear that many are scared of the uncertainty to come but the only way that we can get passed it is by cooperating and doing our part to limit the spread of the disease.