Top 10 Air Jordan 11 Colorways Of All Time


When Michael Jordan came back to the NBA in 1995, he needed a new sneaker to play in. The Air Jordan 9 and 10 were solid models but because MJ never got to play in them, fans were hoping for something with a bit more, shall we say, oomph. With the Air Jordan 11, that’s exactly what designer Tinker Hatfield achieved. The Jordan 11 quickly became one of the best models in the Jumpman library and continues to dazzle fans, to this day. Over the years, there have been some memorable colorways of the shoe and with this list, we are counting them down. 

10. Air Jordan 11 “Win Like 96”

air jordan 11 retro "Win Like '96


Image via Flight Club

Of all the colorways on this list, this is easily the most recent. The colorway was made to pay homage to Michael Jordan’s big championship back in 1996. It was his first season back with the Chicago Bulls and they went on to capture Jordan’s fourth championship ring. This particular sneaker embodies the aesthetic of the Bulls as the upper is covered in red patent leather. From there, the midsole is white while the outsole is made of icy blue material. It’s a flashy colorway but such is the case when you have a patent leather sneaker.

9. Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue”

air jordan 11 retro "gamma blue


Image via Flight Club

While the “Win Like 96” model is flashy, the “Gamma Blue” offering is much more lowkey, albeit, fire all the same. This sneaker dropped back in 2013 and contains some colorful elements in select places. The upper of the shoe is covered in black materials while the Jumpman logo on the back heel is teal. This same color finds itself on the outsole although it is surrounded by a darker blue hue. Gold is placed on the “23” branding near the back and it’s also placed on the tongue. This subtle sneaker looks dope on feet and is a great addition to anyone’s Air Jordan 11 collection.

8. Air Jordan 11 “72-10”

air jordan 11 retro "72-10


Image via Flight Club

If there was ever an Air Jordan sneaker that you could wear with a suit, it would be this one. Back in 2015, Jordan Brand paid tribute to the 72-10 1995-96 Chicago Bulls with their very own special colorway. One word that could be used to describe the shoe is subtle. The upper is made with black tumbled leather in the middle all while patent leather wraps its way around the toe box and side panels. Jumpman opted for a clear outsole that blends in seamlessly with the midsole. Last but not least, there is a red Jumpman logo on the back heel which gives you that Bulls aesthetic. Aside from maybe the “Bred” model, this is the one Jordan 11 colorway that all Bulls fans should own. 

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7. Air Jordan 11 “Pantone”

air jordan 11 retro "pantone


Image via Flight Club

Michael Jordan may have made his mark with the Chicago Bulls but it was the University of North Carolina Tar Heels that turned the legend into the star he eventually became. The Tar Heels are known for their iconic powder blue color schemes and the “Pantone” model overwhelms you with just that. As you can see, the upper is covered in “Carolina Blue” that truly shines on the patent leather. This color is contrasted by a white Jumpman logo and matching midsole. While it may be flashy, there is no denying that this is one of the nicest Jordan models you’ll ever see. The materials and colors are so compatible you can’t help but marvel.

6. Air Jordan 11 “Jeter”

air jordan 11 retro prem "jeter


Image via Flight Club

Okay okay, we know. This sneaker is a huge cheat code. After all, it’s so limited that only one size is available on Flight Club right now, and it’s going for $22,000 USD. Despite this, we can’t help but drool over the materials. Not a single trace of leather can be found on this sneaker. Instead, we are met with premium suede that feels silky to the touch. Meanwhile, navy blue covers the upper and blesses your eyes with a feast for the retinas. If this model had been made available to the public, it would have caused an uproar on par with Galaxy Foams and Pigeon Dunks. Even if you’re not a sneakerhead, you can still appreciate the craftsmanship of this colorway.

5. Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey”

air jordan 11 retro "Cool Grey


Image via Flight Club

Cool grey Jordans are pretty common at this point and they always seem to go over well with fans. They typically go with everything and when there has been a long time between retros, fans start to get restless. With this in mind, it would be a huge mistake not to include the Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” on the list. This sneaker definitely lives up to its name as dark grey patent leather accents are surrounded by a shade of lighter grey. Truth be told, there isn’t much color here but that’s not exactly the point. It’s a clean colorway that stands the test of time. You could drop it in any era and it would still be fire.

4. Air Jordan 11 “Columbia”

air jordan 11 retro "legend blue


Image via Flight Club

Back in 1996, Jordan needed a sneaker to wear to the NBA All-Star game. In a move that surprised many, he decided to pay homage to North Carolina by wearing the Air Jordan 11 “Columbia.” This sneaker would later be retroed with a new name, “Legend Blue.” The offering is gorgeous as it comes with a white upper that is complemented by powder blue accents on the tongue and Jumpman logo near the back heel. More nods to UNC are placed on the outsole with is made of icy “Carolina Blue” material. Thanks to its association with the All-Star Game, the “Columbia” colorway has quickly become one of the most legendary models in the Jordan 11’s historic library. If you’re a UNC fan who needs a classic Jordan sneaker that fits the aesthetics of the school, these are the best choice available.

3. Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”

air jordan 11 retro "space jam 2016 release


Image via Flight Club

In July of 1996, Jordan made his acting debut in the Looney Tunes epic, Space Jam. The movie sees Jordan sucked into the world of the Looney Tunes where he must win a basketball game against the Monstars, who have completely stolen the talent of Jordan’s NBA peers. When the movie was filmed, Jordan was still rocking the Jordan 11 and he needed a special colorway to wear in the movie. Of course, that’s where the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” comes into play. This colorway has a lowkey aesthetic as the upper is covered in black while the Jumpman logo and outsole are blue. The sneaker retroed back in 2009 and again in 2016, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the film. If you’re a collector, this is probably one of those shoes on your radar. It’s a classic that will always stand the test of time as one of the best Jordan 11’s and pieces of film history.

2. Air Jordan 11 “Bred”

air jordan 11 retro "bred 2019 release


Image via Flight Club

The “Bred” colorway is a Jordan Brand staple. Pretty well every single Jordan sneaker ever made has at least one colorway which represents the black and red aesthetic of the Chicago Bulls. The Air Jordan 11 “Bred’ is what Jordan wore when he came back to the Bulls in ’95 and it’s easily the most popular colorway of the shoe. Perhaps the best example of this popularity came back in December when the shoe was dropped as a general release. Every single pair sold out fairly quickly and there were multiple restocks yet every single time, they were scooped up. This just goes to show the power of the colorway and how people love these shoes. As for aesthetics, they’re quite simple. The upper is mostly black as red makes its way onto the outsole and Jumpman logo. It may sound simple, but you can’t deny how phenomenal it looks on-foot and on display.

1. Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

air jordan 11 retro "concord 2018 release

Image via Flight Club 

Ah yes and here we are. The Jordan 11’s magnum opus. Of course, we are referring to the “Concord” colorway. This model is responsible for mass hysteria at malls across America. It is a shoe that has led to fights, debauchery, and some fire outfits here and there. At it’s a core, it’s a simple shoe but that’s the genius of it all. The sneaker accomplishes so much by doing so little. The top part of the upper is white while the patent leather is a deep navy blue. This navy blue is also found on the back heel and Jumpman logo. From there, an icy blue outsole is separated from the navy blue patent leather by a white midsole. These elements come together to create one of the most iconic Jordans of all-time. The last time these retroed was back in 2018 and just like the “Bred” model, there was plenty of stock to go around. Despite this, they sold out instantly and are reselling for a couple of hundred dollars over retail. If you had to go out and buy one Jordan 11 colorway, this is the one we would recommend. 

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