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Tory Lanez Gets Creative With Quarantine Workout Plan


Tory Lanez lives out “improvise, adapt, overcome” meme with creative and lavish quarantine workout.

Days have gone by and the cabin fever is reaching an all-time high, which in itself has led to some interesting and undeniably boredom-induced creative outlets. While some artists have taken to broadcasting concerts and digital gatherings, others have taken solace in physical activity, limited though space may happen to be. Luckily, Tory Lanez has more than enough legroom to keep his blood pressure pumping, as evidenced by his recently unveiled quarantine workout plan. 

Tory Lanez quarantine workout

Rachel Murray/Getty Images 

In the amusing clip, the Torontonian takes to his penthouse balcony, which happens to overlook a stunning view of the 6ix, for some much-needed cardio. While an unidentified cameraman watches, bewildered at that, Lanez frolics to and fro like a swimmer doing laps. True, a treadmill might serve a similar purpose, but nothing can replace the feeling of wind and sun on skin. And given that social isolation is quite possibly a few major gatherings away from being legally enforced, we need all the safe outdoor time we can get.

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Check out Tory’s quarantine workout below, and keep an eye out for that New Toronto 3 joint to arrive if and when the man stops running. And given the size of that lavish balcony, who knows when that might be?