Touching story of Benita – By Fleetman

Touching story of Benita - By Fleetman

I know a girl called Benita
She traveled all the way to Abuja for a better life
Hoping to buy a benz and build a house for her mother
Travel to Dubai just to take selfies with Dolphins
For Abuja everywhere dey tight
She get job na 20k dem de pay
How she wan take pay rent, chop and still flex
Na so Benita take join runs
She met Anita, her old time friend from Kaduna
Who introduced her to Chief Emeka
Few months later, everywhere set
She dey chop breakfast for US, lunch for UK and dinner in Mumbai 
When she come home elders self dey bow to greet her
5 months later, Benita pull cloths for public
Na so the madness take start
Na how chief Emeka money de take come
Benita is gone 6 feets down 
When you have a dream, don’t go back to sleep
Dont be faster than your shadow 
Remember, patience is a virtue 

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