Travis Scott Drops The “Stop Trying To Be God” Music Video


    Travis Scott welcomes everyone through his mind in the “Stop Trying To Be God.”

    It’s only been a few days since Travis Scott released his highly anticipated third studio album, Astroworld. The rapper confirmed the release date only a few days before it dropped but prior to that, he let everyone know Astroworld season was upon us after giant golden Travis Scott heads appearing in New York City and Houston. Thusfar, the project has received nothing but positive remarks from his fans so it’s safe to say it was worth the wait. “Stop Trying To Be God” was one song that received immediate praise upon its release. Today, Travis Scott brings the song to life with the new music video.

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    Travis Scott’s visuals have always been on point but it was clear that with Astroworld, he’d be bringing his music videos to a new level. The rapper shared the official visuals for “Stop Trying To Be God” and it’s as psychedelic as you would expect. The video was directed by Dave Meyers. The rapper ironically takes on the role of God for the video as he’s seen walking with a hurd of sheep and baptizing a group of people in a lake. Shortly after, Travis Scott’s later seen with a beard and wrinkles as he casts judgment from the sky. The video also features an appearance from Kylie Jenner who’s seen as a golden spirit.

    It’s a wild visual that takes you through the mind of Travis Scott.