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Travis Scott Feeds 50K Houston Residents Amidst Texas’ Historic Freeze

Travis Scott Feeds 50K Houston Residents Amidst Texas' Historic Freeze

Travis Scott uplifts his hometown by feeding 50,000 residents as Houston continues to suffer from low temperatures and power outages.

While rappers such as Asian Doll have spoken out against their hometowns, Travis Scott has been showing major love to Houston and ensuring that its residents aren’t suffering amidst the state’s harsh winter conditions. In a selfless move by the Astroworld artist, it appears that he is doing everything that he can to uplift his hometown as the city endures the brutal winter storm, which also perfectly coincides with his new 2021 goal of becoming a better person.

According to TMZ, Travis Scott and his Cactus Jack Foundation have teamed up with Houston’s municipal staff, local nonprofits, and operating restaurants to launch an emergency food program that will feed 50,000 residents who’ve been impacted by Texas’ historic freeze. As a result of several Houston residents enduring ridiculously low temperatures, not having access to water, and suffering from power outages, the Rodeo rapper’s latest humanitarian effort is focused on delivering warm meals to thousands of the families that have been affected.

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A volunteer loads food into a car during the Houston Food Bank food distribution
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Starting earlier this Friday, Travis Scott’s food deliveries have been taking place all over the city, and TMZ also reports that in addition to the warm meals being dispersed across Houston, residents have also been given clean water. Our thoughts are with all of the residents of Houston and Texas who are suffering through Texas’ historic freeze.


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