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Treach Invites Eminem To Handle His First Solo Album

Treach Invites Eminem To Handle His First Solo Album

Though Treach has never come through with a solo album, the legendary lyricist took a moment to hit Eminem with an offer he can’t refuse.

It’s no secret that Eminem has been one of Treach’s biggest fans, frequently bigging up the Naughty By Nature lyricist (as well as many of the game’s OGs) at every opportunity. In fact, Em has gone so far as to claim that he first started emcee because of Treach, a claim that Treach recently acknowledged during an interview on Shade 45.

“It felt amazing,” explained Treach, reflecting on Eminem’s praise. “Hip-hop is a culture. Even if you ain’t come out around me, you was deejaying, breakdancing, graffiti, you was doing something. So to see those who came behind — cause we know about our legends — when you have some of the hottest to do it give you your props, it’s something amazing. I call him my light-skinned twin. Nobody could ever tell you Eminem is anywhere near wack. They can never say he was a white boy and he came up cause all the white folks bought his stuff. No!”

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“This is what I’ma tell you,” he continues. “My bro-bro been calling me out for a while, giving me a lot of props. I’ma tell you something. Never in my career, ever, have I did a solo album. But I got catalogs for years. I want to release it, but I won’t release it to nobody unless Em put it out. He call me out, now I’ma call him out. Never even attempted to do a solo album. I got heat rocks! But the only way I put it out, the only one I trust to do it with labels and the rest of that, is with somebody who really love for me. If he want the offer, he got it. If he don’t ya’ll won’t hear a solo album from me.”

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When the host asks if that means Treach would sign a deal with Shady Records, he makes it abundantly clear. “In a minute. In a heartbeat,” he confirms. “It would be the first time you heard me and him on records, cause you know he’d be all on the album with me.” At this point, all we can really do is hope that Eminem actually takes Treach up on his offer, as the music they would make together would be nothing short of legendary — especially for the hip-hop heads out there. 

Check out the invitation below, beginning approximately twenty-six minutes into the interview. 

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