A TRIP TO THE JUNGLE [Story of the Jungle Boy] Episode 1


lets take trip to a very typical African Society. watch and follow us on a journey to an African village.

Let me tell you a story!  Story, story, story, story. Thousands of years in the past a boy was born from Mudaka Kingdom  in the northern district of FJ Republic, a rural settlement in the middle of mountain.

His mother committed suicide few minutes after giving birth to him, his dad on the other hand, was killed by angry villagers. The very moment. He was accused of raping and getting this innocent little girl.

She had to die in order to cover her shame. Back in the days, it was a taboo for a young woman to know a man before getting married, not to even talk about giving birth to a child that belongs to a rapist abortion on the other hand, was a greater taboo.  Mudaka kingdom was divided into two; Anima, and the human kingdom, juggle boy’s mom gave birth to him very close to the animal kingdom in the middle of the forest. On that day, the monkeys were on patrol.

From the top of a giant tree, they saw human life creature, swinging and dangling on a tree from a distance. The team leader selected three wise monkeys to approach and see if humans were launching or planning an attack on the animal kingdom as usual. On get into the scene, they noticed a baby crying on large green leaves.

Full Story Here

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