Troy Ave Gets Melodic On New Single “High School”


Troy Ave is back on the scene releasing a one-off single entitled, “High School,” this Saturday evening (March 14). This particular track is coming off of the Brooklyn-based rapper’s seventh installment of his White Christmas series that dropped in Dec. 2019. The 34-year-old emcee will be facing off against his adversary Taxstone in court later this month for his involvement in the tragic shooting that took place in Irving Plaza in 2016. It was also recently revealed that Troy Ave had the opportunity to play The Weeknd’s role in the critically-acclaimed Adam Sandler film, Uncut Gems (2019). However, some new music from the New York rapper is fitting during a weekend filled with amazing releases. 

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“High School” features a melancholy midtempo beat filled with dark piano chords and high-pitched synth pads. The hi-hat programming and drum sequencing add extra creative layers to the instrumentation while Troy Ave uses his unique vocal cadence as an extra musical element. Troy Ave utilizes one of 50 Cent‘s classic lines as the chorus of the song singing, “Damn, dog, in high school, you was the mothaf*ckin’ man, dog” before seamlessly gliding into his verses. 

Check out Troy Ave’s “High School” single in the streaming link provided below and let us know your thoughts on his latest musical offering in the comment section. 

Quotable Lyrics

Imma boss, don’t wait for handoffs
N*gga I went out and got them grams off
Bustin’ down bricks until its damn soft
Diamonds on me doing a f*ckin’ dance-off
Got me in my Birkin or my Jansport
Foreigns is the only way I transport
Ballin’ every day like it’s a damn court