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Tyrese Was Invited To “Vegan Sex Party,” Laments Over The Single Life

Tyrese Was Invited To

The multihyphenate actor claims that his DMs have been lit & reveals why the offers aren’t for him.

The single life is hitting Tyrese Gibson hard and it’s coming in like a wrecking ball. The newly single entertainer and his estranged wife Samantha Gibson announced just ahead of the new year that they were planning to divorce. The actor penned a lengthy caption that suggested he was willing to give his relationship another try, and while he verbalized that he’d hoped he and Samantha could be the love story that withstood the tests of time, alas, they were parting ways. On Friday (February 26), Tyrese took to Instagram to share a few thoughts including his observations on what the single life has to offer.

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It seems that since announcing his divorce, Tyrese has been propositioned in various ways in his DMs. “My DM’s are crazy…… This single life ain’t sh*t but it’s entertaining af,” wrote the singer. “I just got invited to a vegan sex party…… what in the entire f are y’all on out here…… left her on READ…. If you see this you are innovative but wtf????? Was I supposed to hit her back and say shoot me the addy? Run that lettuce? Hahahahahaha.”

In the comments, Tyrese also revealed that he rejected a woman’s offer to fly them up the coast in a helicopter because “it wasn’t [his] idea.” He claims that his “ALPHA is a different kind of ALPHA” and he doesn’t like to be pursued or chased. Read through it all below.

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