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“U Fine I Love You”


Big Sean receives birthday blessings from the adoring Jhene Aiko.

I am not all too sure if Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are actually in a relationship right now, or are just very lovey-dovey best friends for life status? It remains unclear, even after the two have spent together in seemingly-relationship fashion, such as Sean Don attending Jhene’s daughter birthday party, or the two dressing up together for the annual Roc Nation brunch.

Aiko recently featured Sean on her new album too, Chilombo, for which we’re almost certain her “Magic Hour” tour is delayed, because (we all know why). While we continue to pry into their lives, Jhene Aiko has issued a loving, heartfelt birthday post to her possible-boo. Unfortunately Big Sean is celebrating his 32nd birthday during the Coronavirus pandemic, which means partying will be limited. Nonetheless, he’s ushering in plenty of well wishes from fans and celebs alike. He even got in on the birthday fun by sharing a few throwback photos of himself as a young’n, included below.

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Jhene Aiko dedicated a whole gallery to Big Sean pics, and captioned the post, “everybody say “Happy Birthday Sean!” cheers to you, mate! u fine and i love you.” The fans were quick to follow suit, while Big Sean hopped in the comments to say it back: “I love you back.”

Happy Birthday Sean Don! 

Big Sean Jhene Aiko happy birthday wishes