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Uncle Murda Explains Being “Mad” At Pharrell For Saying Snitching Is Acceptable

Uncle Murda Explains Being

The “Rap Up” artist said he has “no personal beef” with the megaproducer, he’s just tired of snitching being promoted as something acceptable.

Discussions about snitch culture permeate Rap and Hip Hop as artists often debate the acceptance of turning informant against one’s acquaintances. It has been a hot topic for years, but Tekashi 6ix9ine’s recent case has catapulted the conversations into day-to-day life. There are varying opinions about if it is or is not acceptable to snitch in order to save oneself from prison time, and during a recent appearance on Drink Champs, Pharrell Williams admitted that he isn’t “tough” and would snitch if need be.

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This was a comment that wasn’t lost on Uncle Murda who included a bit about Pharrell’s remarks in his “Rap Up 2020” where he called it “stupid sh*t.” While visiting Drink Champs himself, Uncle Murda clarified his stance on Pharrell’s snitch comments and said it doesn’t have anything to do with personal animosity.

“The difference was—you know what I didn’t like about the Pharrell thing? It was just like, why promote that,” said Murda. “We in an era now where motherf*ckas is thinking snitching is so cool and definitely because of a n*gga like Tekashi. So, you got these motherf*ckas making snitching like, a cool thing, and I was just mad at Pharrell for promoting that. Definitely on this platform. This is a big platform right here.”

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“I was just mad at him for promoting it at the time,” Murda continued. “The sh*t we going through, the streets they don’t need to be hearing snitchin’ is cool and I’m down with snitching. Just ’cause you pay taxes don’t make it cool to snitch… That’s not cool. I was mad at Pharrell for doing that. No personal beef with him.”

Check out Uncle Murda’s full interview below.

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