Video: When Cristiano Ronaldo Don’t Use Speed For Humiliating His Opponents


    As a player who had the chance to play both with Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United and Lionel Messi with ArgentinaCarlos Tevez has indicated that the main difference between the two is that his compatriot has a natural talent in football.

    The Boca Juniors striker has claimed that in contrast with MessiRonaldo has managed to develop his skills through intensive training and by spending hours in the gym.

    “I’ve never seen Messi in the gym, or training on how to stop the ball,” he said during a talk with young people in the Holy Spirit Parish of San Isidro.

    “It’s something natural to him, but as you see, before he didn’t take free kicks and today he hits them into the top corner.

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    Cristiano spends all day in the gym, as it’s an obsession he has.

    “We trained at 9.00am with United, but arrived at 8.00am and he was already there,” he continued.

    “We arrived at 7:30am sometimes, and he was even there at that time.

    Cristiano prepares to be the best and for Lionel everything comes naturally.

    “That’s the big difference that I see between the two best players on the planet today.

    Messi plays another sport, he does what he wants and when he wants to.”