Wale Flaunts Iconic Love In “Black Bonnie” Music Video Starring Ashley Blaine Featherson


The pair has a love for the ages.

Wale dropped a music video for his Jacquees feature, “Black Bonnie.” Although the track was released months ago, the visuals were worth the wait as Wale enlists Ashley Blaine Featherson to play his love interest. The actress, who is most known for her role as Joelle in Netflix Originals’ Dear White People, glows throughout history as “Black Bonnie.”

The video plays with the idea of past lives in an endearing, yet partly political way. It shows a couple standing by each other during the civil rights movement, emulating members of the Black Panther Party. In this scene, Bonnie’s female intuition is what gets the pair out from under the cops. It’s a sweet representation of black women’s leadership and support in their communities’ efforts to protect their people.

Other depictions take place from a stoop on the block and another from a time heralded by all “hoteps” where Wale and Ashley sit together as royalty. Their interpretation of black love is relatable as much as it is historical.

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